What is NLP?

Posted on May 19 2020

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programing and it is a composite of the three most important parts of human experience. Neurology, language, and programming.

It’s our nerve system that determines how we respond and communicate with one another. We then create models of our world.

Then comes a deep level of programming that dictates the way we perceive information and behave on a day to day basis. It’s like having a “user manual to your mind”, imagine that.

Neuro: How we think

Linguistic: Verbal and non-verbal communication

Programming: Patterns of Behavior and Emotions

It’s different than psychology as psychology has mostly studied disorder. NLP finds examples of success and excellence. More importantly NLP studies how the mind, body, and communication (both with yourself and others) produces that success.

NLP life coaching is the process of self-discovery. It’s a fusion of the conscious and subconscious mind. The process is eye opening to individuals on a mission to explore their entire experience as being a person.

In NLP life coaching we discover hidden patterns of thinking and limiting beliefs. You step outside your comfort zone and learn how changing the way you perceive the world can lead you to adjust and adapt your behaviors in order to live the life you dream of. NLP produces results that are incredibly fast and long-lasting. 

These changes are made utilizing very specific techniques. As the practitioner, I do not need many (or even any) details about your past. I only need to know what you want moving forward. A few of these techniques include visualization or forming a mental image of something that you want. Visual kinesthetic dissociation, a process by which I guide you to relive the trauma from the distance of an imaginative out of body experience (this is so important because it does not cause the client to be re-traumatized). We will also work to learn your language pattern and the pattern of others around you as well as correct language that leads to negative thinking. 

So when is NLP helpful? When you’re looking to change a habit or behavior, re program negative learnings from a trauma, getting rid of a phobia, decreasing anxiety, eliminating self-esteem issues, or many other psychological issues leading to a reduced quality of life. NLP will be helpful. NLP is intended to help anyone who is wanting to understand their own mind and live an extraordinary life with a compelling future. It is not just a field it is also a way of life!


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