Emotional Support Animal Therapy Letters

Dogs and cats are truly irreplaceable. They are by our side at all times providing indescribable comfort and support.

Unfortunately, with the many online scams getting a legitimate ESA letter is difficult to navigate these days. As a licensed mental health professional certified in animal assisted therapy, I can provide you with the letter you need.


Letters issued are good for one whole year. Being prescribed an emotional support animal letter is covered under the fair housing act allowing your fur animal to live with you without any discrimination. The cost of obtaining an ESA Letter is $150.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3

1- Fill out the below form

2- Carly will connect with you for a clinical interview. Please use this link to schedule! 

3- Payment will be collected & you’ll receive your letter same day

The entire process is HIPPA compliant ensuring that your healthcare information is guarded. 

*If your landlord is requesting further documentation Carly will be able to provide you with this documentation for up to 3 months after your purchase for no additional charge.

Please include any symptoms or conditions here.

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